What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing Platforms

Okay..so first things first…What is Digital Marketing and why is this SUCH a Big Deal? A simple google search on “Digital Marketing” will yield 3.4 BILLION search results! Digital Marketing DOES seem like a vast & complex field, filled with with buzzwords ranging from “SEO” to “Native Adversting” and on and on. Not to mention a ton of websites, applications, webinars, free guides, videos that can teach you every thing from A to Z+ of Digital Marketing.

Coming back to the question – WHAT IS DIGITAL MARKETING?

Well let’s break this down – DIGITAL & MARKETING.

Digital is simply anything that is Electronic. Your mobile phone, your TV, your computer, your laptop, your Apple Watch… I think you get the idea. Marketing is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services to potential consumers of your product or service.

In summary, Digital Marketing is the act of Marketing using a Digital device. Simple!

But wait a second…. TV is an electronic device. So are TV ads that used to exist even in the 50s and 60s… a form of Digital Marketing?? Well, technically, yes! While Digital Marketing as a term was coined only in the 90s, the reality is that we have been doing “Digital Marketing” with the Radio, Television and so on. In other words, we have atleast a century of experience in Digital Marketing as a human race 🙂

Vintage Radio – one of the earliest “Digital Marketing” platforms

So why is Digital Marketing such a BIG DEAL now?! Why wasn’t DM talked about as much even a few years ago?

Let me offer my 2 reasons:

  • In the 2000s, there was an explosion of internet-based platforms, pioneered by the BIG 4 – Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple. These in addition to a host of others – Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc- resulted in an explosion of personalized communication channels. In addition, we have 4 Billion+ people on the internet today. So a combination of the NUMBER of new platforms that are still growing & changing and the IMPACT these platforms have on atleast 4 Billion consumers, necessiated the need to differentiate between Traditional Marketing (via TV, Radio, Print) and “Internet” or “Online” Marketing. This “Online” Marketing is pretty much what we now call “Digital Marketing”.
  • As Digital tools/platforms became cheaper and as internet speeds increased, individual participation in this field exploded. Suddenly, the guy or girl next door could become a digital marketer by learning a few simple skills, putting in a little effort…and then getting paid for it (in some cases, paid a LOT!). And where there’s money to be made with a relatively low starting investment… the BUZZZZZ will always be there! 🙂

So I hope you have understood a little about WHAT Digital Marketing is and WHY it’s starting to become such a BIG DEAL. The reality is that DM is pretty much here to stay and IS the future of marketing. If you are reading this article in a coffee shop or a bus, look up and look at the people around you. I bet you see alteast 80% of the people looking at some type of screen right now.

I rest my case.

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